Testautomatisation strategy – most important points

A testing strategy is always context driven. A strategy that can work for one company for a dedicated product may not work for a different company (or even for the same company but different product or project). The testing strategy should focus on the product, risks, project, project resources, testing team and stakeholder expectation.

There are some important points, which test managers should always keep in mind when setting up the testautomatisation strategy:

1.       Not every feature and every test should be automated tested. The new features, if possible, should first be tested manually. If the feature is already stable, regression tests should be checked for automatization. The idea behind it is, that the feature could change or even be cancelled. Some tests can be executed only a couple of times during the software life time.

2.       If the feature is hardly tested manually, think about test automatization.

3.       Calculate first the value of RoI – Return of Invest. If a test can be executed manually in 5 minutes but to automate it would cost you 2 weeks and the test is executed only a couple of times in one release cycle, then maybe it is not the best strategy to automate it.

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